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Trading without a strategy is little more than gambling, so you should always have a plan for your money when investing.

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Buy Bitcoin online is one of many cryptocurrencies on the market.

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With our analysis, we are aware that there are more currencies in the digital world than one will expect in the near future. The increase will be drastic compared to the traditional currencies.

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About TradeCx

TradeCx is the digital currency company to trade and profit your cryptocurrency. Our trading platform has been operation since 2015. The people whom participate in the platform are those who've prospered as brokers with digital currency.


Our Goal

TradeCx can be relied on when it comes to learning the source of bitcoins strength and profitability. We have striking ways to profit and grow from so many Cryptocurrency possibilities. Trading and making money are only two.


Exchange Services

The TradeCx crypto-currency exchange services will help grow your capital recommended by investors and managers on the TradeCx website. The digital currencies are used in various countries which serve both traders and investors alike.



We offer the best interface and support to make you succeed even if you are trading alone. At TradeCx, we provide proven strategies and are also one of the favorites in the industry when it comes to account management.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Why Choose Bitcoin

Investing with TradeCX is not just a route to profit, it is an initial step on a learning process that will give you the skills and understanding of currency trading that can deliver profits for life.

Safe and Secure

Trading itself is strictly monitored to ensure our clients are protected from potential security threats and other concerns.

Instant Trading

Trading in these new markets has increased significantly over recent years, with more people.

Recurring Buying

One Bitcoin may be worth around $9000 today, but you could buy them for as little as 10 cents not too many years ago.

Investment Planning

This wallet's Bitcoins are stored and used online, and it is permanently online for ease of access.

Covered By Insurance

For Bitcoin funds you wish to keep as savings long-term, this is the best wallet to use.

Bitcoin Transaction

Simply making and receiving payments (transactions) to others for exchange services and goods.

What is bitcoin

New Currency Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, building on the original digital currencies of the 1990’s, DigiCash and Flooz.

While those two currencies never really gained traction, Bitcoin introduced the concept of the Blockchain, and with that advantage, Bitcoin has grown from its initial code launch in January 2009 to become a globally accepted currency today. Who created Bitcoin remains a mystery, officially the Bitcoin code was created and released by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto, but there is one problem with that. Its not a real person, it is a name used by whoever did create Bitcoin to help them remain anonymous.

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TradeCx Advantages

Arbitrage Units

This second type of managed account operates differently, with funds kept entirely as an individual account for maximum performance, and here the minimum deposit is $50,000 or Bitcoin equivalent.

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Self Trading

Comparably, there are areas that need a special understanding when allowing your digital currency to profit from. TradeCx will support your self trading needs when you feel your ready.

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Managed Accoounts

Trading can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are still learning, with market research, price monitoring and so on essential to enjoy successful trade.

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Quality Supporte

Managed accounts are handled with care for profits and our managing accounts' professionals know that you can handle your other business while our diligent professional

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